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Outpatient Surgeries


Led by WAAH's Dr. Alex Witt and operating as a referral-based initiative, WAAH is excited to offer advanced surgical procedures for your patients without the obstacles found within
a typical referral
  (in particular, the financial aspect)! Together, we can work to provide your clients access to more advanced surgical procedures with a cost-effective option 
when seeking a boarded surgeon is not a choice!



● Cystotomy, spay/neuter with gastropexy and mass removals

● Enucleation

● FHO (Unilateral and Bilateral)

● Amputations

● Perineal Hernia

● Luxating Patella (Unilateral and Bilateral)

● Anal Gland Sacculectomy

● Enterotomy/Gastrotomy (Foreign Body)

● Resection & Anastomosis (Foreign Body, Mass, etc.)*

● Subtotal Colectomy*

● Perineal Urethrostomy*

● Fracture Repairs

Don't see the procedure you're looking for? 
Contact [email protected]gtonavevet.com for a complete list of procedures and more information

*Note: These services require transfer to a 24/7 facility for overnight monitoring 


- Consults-

A consult is required prior to any procedure. Any pre-anesthetic requirements (blood work or radiographs if needed) can be performed by the rDVM or during the consult. If radiographs are required, and either are not completed or do not meet requirements, imaging will be repeated prior to surgery. Depending on the case, the severity, client requests, and more, a consult does not guarantee a surgery at WAAH and a referral to a boarded surgeon may still be required.

- Pricing-

Estimates include anesthesia (catheter, preoperative blood work, fluids, drugs, & monitoring), hospitalization, home medication, local blocks/Nocita (when needed), and the procedure. Blood work must be completed within 30 days of anesthesia. Pricing does not include the consult exam fee, radiographs, biopsies, CPR, or anything beyond the scope of procedure (including hospitalization beyond one day or significant interventions/deviations in the standard procedure).

- The Promise -

Post-surgery, WAAH promises not to see any referred patient for at least one year after the procedure unless permission is granted by the referring veterinarian. An exception is another referral for surgery or a recheck (which is up to the discretion of the referring veterinarian). The rDVM may choose to see the patient back for a recheck. If WAAH rechecks a patient, any medications dispensed at that visit are not included in the estimate. If a client is requesting a refill of medications, the patient will be referred to their rDVM for a refill unless prior permission is granted to WAAH. All medical records will be sent directly to your office for record keeping. 

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