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S. Bryce Dooley


Following her lifelong love of horses, Dr. Bryce Dooley attended veterinary school at St. George’s University in Grenada with the intention of becoming an equine veterinarian. During her third year courses and labs and clinical rotations at Cornell University, however, she became fascinated by the discipline of anesthesia. Following graduation from veterinary school, Dr. Dooley completed an equine internship prior to pursuing a residency in Anesthesia.

She completed the three-year residency in Anesthesia at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center where she was awarded the Hospital Service Award for Resident Recognition in her second year. During the residency she also completed a primary research project in pharmacokinetics, was a contributing investigator in other research projects, and was awarded a Master’s Degree after defending her research thesis.

During her third year of residency Dr. Dooley met the official requirements set by the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (ACVAA) and passed both the official written and oral exams to become a board-certified diplomate of the ACVAA in 2017.

In the following months, Dr. Dooley founded a company providing consulting, education, and locum services at both private and academic institutions. This has led her to work opportunities across the United States and internationally. Clinically, she has a special interest in teaching, pharmacokinetics, locoregional analgesia, and cardiovascular physiology.

Dr. Dooley is very pleased to partner with Washington Avenue Animal Hospital and its team. She is excited to bring her expertise and care to the pets and their dedicated owners of the Philadelphia area.

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